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Aug. 10th, 2011

Hallucinogen - Black Compilation Phosphorescent

Artist: Hallucinogen
Album name: Black Compilation Phosphorescent
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoGamma Goblins

Sunflower Matrix - Optical Hallucinogen

Sunflower Matrix - Optical Hallucinogen

Music: DLDN Instrumental by timberman ccmixter.org


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Jun. 20th, 2011

Ugly Kid Jay - Trancemaster 22 Vision Soundcarriers

Artist: Ugly Kid Jay
Album name: Trancemaster 22 Vision Soundcarriers
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoThe Day the Earth Caught Fire (2K remix)

Is anyone else excited about the new season of Degrassi on October 10th? Whose your favorite character?

I can't wait! I see that Darcy is still on it which surprised me since she's starring in the new 90210. I am so glad that Emma and Manny are going to be followed in college and I guess Liberty is at the same school too. The previews look great. I wish they'd make the show an hour. A half an hour is just not long enough. There is so many potential story lines. I don't think they have enough cute guys though! Peter is cute. Jay and Sean were okay but are they still going to be on it? I'm worried about like Marco and all them? Do you think they will still be followed too? It sounds like they are going to be focusing more on new students at Degrassi like Darcy's nerdy sister and Liberty's brother and that other ugly kid with the curly hair. Here's the previews if you want to check them out! Let me know what you think!
And my favorite character has always been Emma. It was cool to see her go from kind of an ugly duckling to really pretty! And she's a good actress. I know she's been in several Lifetime movies and starred in once recently I missed. I like all the older characters though.

Jun. 2nd, 2011

Nervasystem - Infinity Hz 2

Artist: Nervasystem
Album name: Infinity Hz 2
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoStardust

May. 29th, 2011

Microbots Chip III - Trancemaster 3 Eternal Oceanic

Artist: Microbots Chip III
Album name: Trancemaster 3 Eternal Oceanic
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoVibrations

Microbots Chip III - Vibrations (Trancemaster Vol.III)

Microbots Chip III - Vibrations (Trancemaster Vol.III)

Overdrive Records, VA - Trancemaster Vol.III - Eternal Oceanic, 2 Track, Label: Vision Soundcarriers, Catalog#: 302.4011.2, Format: CD, Compilation, Country: Germany, Released: 1993, Genre: Electronic, Style: Trance, Written-By - Atomic Robo Kid, JD Wood, DJ Tom,


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Nov. 28th, 2009

Tibet Team Ffm - Trancemaster 22 Vision Soundcarriers

Artist: Tibet Team Ffm
Album name: Trancemaster 22 Vision Soundcarriers
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoAustralia (Trance mix)

Nov. 20th, 2009

Music Religion - Yellow Sunshine Explosion volume 5

Artist: Music Religion
Album name: Yellow Sunshine Explosion volume 5
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoCyklones

NOFX - '' Cokie The Clown '' Fat Wreck Chords [Official Video]

Author: NOFX2323

Keywords: Nofx Cokie The Clown ep 2009 official video new fat mike eric melvin el hefe smelly sandin punk rock melodic wreck fast skate bad religion rancid no use for name lagwagon pennywise mxpx anti flag me first the gimme gimmes san fransisco america california coaster indie Fat Mike music_video music nofx seeing double triple

Added: November 17, 2009

Nov. 13th, 2009

Masa - Super G (TTT001)

Artist: Masa
Album name: Super G (TTT001)
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoSuper G
  2. MP3LogoChild-Bearing Machine

Nov. 6th, 2009

Universal Sound - Concept in Dance 2 Tribal Science in Trance

Artist: Universal Sound
Album name: Concept in Dance 2 Tribal Science in Trance
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoAsteroids

Oct. 2nd, 2009

Shaman - Goa

Artist: Shaman
Album name: Goa
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoTantrum


Author: Rmp3v3

Keywords: 3v3 wow rmp rmp 3v3 arena wow arena 3s

Added: October 1, 2009

Sep. 6th, 2009

Johann - Stranded

Artist: Johann
Album name: Stranded
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoStranded
  2. MP3LogoStranded the Delta remix
  3. MP3LogoBrainspinner

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